Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00342000 in 32-bit code (0x00560b16).

wine has made some fantastic progress. I can configure/build GDCM now. Some options needs to be turned off for now:

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00342000 in 32-bit code (0x00560b16).
Register dump:
CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0063 GS:006b
EIP:00560b16 ESP:0100e390 EBP:ffffffff EFLAGS:00010297( R- -- I S -A-P-C)
EAX:0000a1a5 EBX:00319938 ECX:00319968 EDX:00007d53
ESI:010cd300 EDI:00000000
Stack dump:
0x0100e390: 0100e3cc 0100e3dc 010cd300 00000000
0x0100e3a0: 00561e29 ffffffff 00000000 00000010
0x0100e3b0: 010cd300 00000018 00000000 00000000
0x0100e3c0: 00000000 00000004 00000000 ff676980
0x0100e3d0: ffffffff d316536e 01cbefa1 00000004
0x0100e3e0: 00000000 004d35b1 010cd300 0100e43c
0x00560b16: movl 0x4(%ecx,%eax,4),%edx
Module Address Debug info Name (60 modules)
PE 400000- 67e000 Export cmake
PE 78480000-7850d000 Deferred msvcp90
PE 78520000-785c3000 Deferred msvcr90
ELF 7b800000-7b8e6000 Deferred kernel32
\-PE 7b810000-7b8e6000 \ kernel32
ELF 7bc00000-7bcbb000 Deferred ntdll
\-PE 7bc10000-7bcbb000 \ ntdll
ELF 7bf00000-7bf03000 Deferred
ELF 7e589000-7e5a7000 Deferred
ELF 7e5a7000-7e5b0000 Deferred
ELF 7e5b0000-7e5b5000 Deferred
ELF 7e5b5000-7e5b8000 Deferred
ELF 7e5b8000-7e5bf000 Deferred
ELF 7e5bf000-7e5c8000 Deferred
ELF 7e5c8000-7e5cd000 Deferred
ELF 7e5cd000-7e5d0000 Deferred
ELF 7e5d0000-7e5f0000 Deferred imm32
\-PE 7e5e0000-7e5f0000 \ imm32
ELF 7e5f0000-7e5f5000 Deferred
ELF 7e5f5000-7e60e000 Deferred
ELF 7e60e000-7e72b000 Deferred
ELF 7e72b000-7e73a000 Deferred
ELF 7e73a000-7e751000 Deferred
ELF 7e751000-7e759000 Deferred
ELF 7e77e000-7e827000 Deferred winex11
\-PE 7e790000-7e827000 \ winex11
ELF 7e83d000-7e863000 Deferred
ELF 7e863000-7e892000 Deferred
ELF 7e892000-7e8a6000 Deferred
ELF 7e8a6000-7e91d000 Deferred
ELF 7e942000-7ea2e000 Deferred oleaut32
\-PE 7e960000-7ea2e000 \ oleaut32
ELF 7ea2e000-7eb31000 Deferred ole32
\-PE 7ea50000-7eb31000 \ ole32
ELF 7eb31000-7eba5000 Deferred rpcrt4
\-PE 7eb40000-7eba5000 \ rpcrt4
ELF 7eba5000-7ec00000 Deferred advapi32
\-PE 7ebb0000-7ec00000 \ advapi32
ELF 7ec00000-7ec8e000 Deferred gdi32
\-PE 7ec10000-7ec8e000 \ gdi32
ELF 7ec8e000-7edbd000 Deferred user32
\-PE 7eca0000-7edbd000 \ user32
ELF 7edbd000-7edfa000 Deferred winmm
\-PE 7edd0000-7edfa000 \ winmm
ELF 7edfa000-7ee28000 Deferred ws2_32
\-PE 7ee00000-7ee28000 \ ws2_32
ELF 7ee28000-7ee3f000 Deferred
ELF 7efb5000-7efdb000 Deferred
ELF 7efdd000-7efe1000 Deferred
ELF 7efe8000-7f000000 Deferred version
\-PE 7eff0000-7f000000 \ version
ELF f7450000-f745c000 Deferred
ELF f745d000-f7461000 Deferred
ELF f7461000-f75a8000 Deferred
ELF f75a9000-f75c2000 Deferred
ELF f75c2000-f7703000 Deferred
ELF f7703000-f7706000 Deferred
ELF f7706000-f7710000 Deferred
ELF f7720000-f7728000 Deferred
ELF f772a000-f7748000 Deferred
process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
0000000e services.exe
0000001c 0
00000014 0
00000010 0
0000000f 0
00000011 winedevice.exe
00000017 0
00000013 0
00000012 0
00000019 plugplay.exe
0000001d 0
0000001b 0
0000001a 0
0000001e explorer.exe
0000001f 0
00000036 mspdbsrv.exe
00000023 0
00000022 0
0000002b hh.exe
00000037 0
00000035 wineconsole.exe
0000002e 0
00000045 cmd.exe
00000038 0
0000003b (D) C:\Program Files\CMake 2.8\bin\cmake.exe
00000028 0
00000009 0
00000040 0
00000041 0
00000031 0 <== Backtrace:

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