Sunday, March 14, 2010

WARNING **: couldn't connect to dbus session bus: dbus-launch failed to autolaunch D-Bus session: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.

I had this annoying message printed when doing svn stuff via ssh (no X) connection.

I found this has been resolved in debian:

It says: Fixed in 1.6.5dfsg-1.


$ apt-cache policy subversion
Installed: 1.6.4dfsg-1~bpo50+1
Candidate: 1.6.4dfsg-1~bpo50+1
Version table:
1.6.9dfsg-1 0
200 testing/main Packages
100 unstable/main Packages
*** 1.6.4dfsg-1~bpo50+1 0
600 lenny-backports/main Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
1.5.1dfsg1-4 0
500 lenny/main Packages
500 lenny/updates/main Packages

I guess I'll have to wait the next backports update :(

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